Autumn Reset.

As summer comes to a close the warm evenings draw in, the bright blue skies start to glow golden with the low Autumn sun and the Seasons change.

Autumn and Spring are the two Seasons that I really love and always make me feel the need to de clutter, clear out and reset my wardrobe and home.

This past week although it’s still been quite warm here in England I’ve been going through my clothes and pulling out anything I think is a high Summer piece.

My rule is that if it hasn’t been worn for 12 months I either send it to charity or sell it on my depop.

Shorts, strappy tops and sundresses that I class as holiday wear is packed away into our loft and I try and plan a few transitional Autumn outfits.

I have left some dresses that I think could be styled with a blazer or jacket so will therefore stay in my wardrobe until the colder months.

Autumn is definitely the time to start getting our home cosy. Rustic tones for flower arrangements, wicker baskets and wooden throws are lifted out as well as warmer bedding and wild plumb scented candles for the darker nights.

At this time of year I also like to switch up my makeup slightly too, berry toned lipsticks replace the Summer corals and deeper rose blush to get that walk in the fresh air pinched cheeks look.

Speaking of fresh air Autumn really is the best time of year for Sunday walks in the countryside. As the leaves in the trees start to turn brown and mahogany coloured conkers line the paths there is nothing better than getting back into nature and of course finishing it with a hearty Sunday roast and glass of Merlot.

Happy Autumn everyone!

Much love

Caroline xx