New in for Autumn.

Hi all, Its been a while since I’ve done a fashion related blog post but lately I’ve been concentrating on building my Instagram following, which is a kind of blog I guess. When I last checked in on my Thirtynineforever blog website I felt it was looking a bit dated and old-fashioned, so over the past few months its had a bit of a makeover and hopefully now it looks smarter and fresher, so it would be great if you could  please let me know your thoughts?

Anyway a new blog site and a brand new fashion season to look forward to! September and although here in the UK we all pray for an Indian summer, the chances are if you’ve headed out into the shops recently like me you can appreciate all the lovely Autumnal pieces in store. I absolutely love the change of seasons in fashion, and yes I like a bargain like everyone else but one real bug bear for me are the dreaded sale rails! Having previously worked in retail I can’t stand the mish mash of clothes you have to search through at sale times and when you do find an amazing bargain it’s usually in some random size 4 that only a child could fit into! Maybe its just my OCD but I do enjoy perusing through a nice tidy, colour organised shop floor, not one that resembles a jumble sale.

Last week I headed out on a shopping trip just to see what was out there this Autumn and I did end up picking up a few new basic pieces to add to my wardrobe without going crazy on the latest trends. I’ll insert a couple of pictures of trends I think are nice but won’t  stand the test of time as a classic in your wardrobe.

Paisley?? I can see where they are going with this very Ralph Lauren baggy shirts circa 1990s (anyone my age will know what I mean) I just see old lady or a gentleman’s neckerchief.

Huge sleeves?? if you’re a size 0 model you’ve got this but most of us will think Princess Di or look like an extra on dynasty.

Shimmer fabrics??  I burn everything with my new iron so definitely a no go!

Chain print?? classy, expensive looking, I like it but not a massive big print fan on me, floral or animal maybe being the exception.

So now I’ve ticked off the items I’ve managed to avoid, these are a few of the bits I did pick up and couple of pieces I already had in my wardrobe that I can pullout again this year.


Trousers – H&M

Jumper – H&M

Shoes – Zara

Bag – YSL


Featured Jumpsuit – H&M

Boots – Debenhams


Coat – Topshop (last season)

Jumper – River Island

Boots – Debenhams


Chiffon Blouse – H&M

Boots – Faith

I hope you all enjoy transitioning your wardrobe into the Autumn season and id love to see all the new pieces you all find so come and say hi over on my Instagram, thank you all so much for stopping by and reading,

Much Love

Caroline xx