August favorites.

As the Summer ends and we move into Autumn I’ve been picking up a few new items recently . I’ve definitely noticed a pattern in my shopping habits, I can go for months without buying anything new and instead of constantly buying things I tend to splurge when the season changes.

From fashion trends to skin care and beauty I take stock of what I already have and make a list what I need to buy. I’m still trying to spend on quality rather than quantity so I am being careful not to be influenced too much by all the Autumn/Winter advertising that’s going on at the moment. Here’s a look at a few of my favourite buys from my August shopping trips.

I’m not ready to pull out my black boot collection just yet but it’s definitely past the Summer sandals weather here in England so these grey suede mules are ideal for transitioning into Autumn. I picked this lovely pair up from Topshop in the sales and they are so comfy and soft to wear. If you missed out on these you can also find similar ones on the Office and Reiss websites.

I’ve been on the hunt for a nicely fitted denim shirt for ages and found this one on a Sunday shopping trip to Cheshire Oakes Outlet. It’s by Ralph Lauren and its a super soft brushed kind of denim that’s not stiff to wear. I like to pair it with my white jeans and some ankle boots for a casual Autumn look.

Now this scarf purchase is a bit of a splurge for me but it can lift an inexpensive outfit and give it a designer touch. I’ve always been a lover of scarves, so when deciding to spend a bit more on one I wanted it to be classic looking and have colours in it that I  tend to wear the most, I can then style it with many more outfits.

This Louis Vuitton Bandeau is a slimline silky scarf that can be tied around your neck, a nice bag or I’ve even seen it around a pony tail or bun looking very French chic. It does come in the original brown Louis Vuitton print but I think I will get a lot more wear from this black and white version. There is also a hint of blush/nude pink shade in it which I’ve been loving in my wardrobe for a while and is still very much on trend in the shops.

One of my favourite daytime perfume brands has to be Jo Malone, it saddened me to find out they had discontinued the amazing Blue Agave And Cacao, one of the most popular scents.

The lovely ladies in Selfridges did recommend the Myrrh and Tonka Cologne, a stronger but similar fragrance as an alternative for me but after sampling a few of the new August releases I decided to repurchase one of my other favourites the Mimosa and Cardamom. It’s a beautiful fresh scent for daytime but it doesn’t seem to last on me quite as well as the more musky and vanilla scents but I am keen to try layering it over a body lotion as advised by the Jo Malone team.

Since my holiday in the Greek sunshine my skin has suddenly become really sensitive, I’m not really sure what is going on with it at the moment and think its a bit of a hormonal mess! I’ve decided to go back to my trusty basic skin care regime but I’ve introduced the La Roche-Posey Pigmentclar serum at night as even though I kept my face out of the sun on holiday and wore SPF I did get some dark pigmentation along my neck and jaw line??? I also started to use the Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye cream to try to combat my ever puffy morning eyes.

My old black Mulberry tote bag that I have had for many years has finally gone and has been replaced with this new Ralph Lauren classic bag. I think everyone needs a structured black bag to sharpen up an outfit and like me, throw everything but the kitchen sink in it! I bought this one from my local TKMax where you can sometimes pick up a great designer bargain if you’re in luck. Its beautifully made, stylish and hopefully will last me many years to come.

Another bargain purchase I made at the Cheshire Oaks Outlet are my new Nike trainers. I’ve just joined the gym to help me get fitter and thought some new gym gear would help inspire me to go more. I also like to go out on walks and jogs so I wanted to buy the lightweight running style ones, keeping it classic looking as always in black and white.


Let me know if you are also a Seasonal shopper, thank you for reading,

Much Love

Caroline xx