A Touch of Luxury.

Every woman loves a touch of luxury in her life and to some luxury is all about designer handbags and sparkling diamonds. I believe even if you don’t have a great deal of spare income you can still spend what you do have on better quality items, this can be anything from crisp Egyptian cotton bed sheets to a high-end hand cream.

The one thing I think every woman should spend a little more on is her scent. There is nothing better than getting compliments when you greet someone or being recognised by your signature perfume and for me I have a few I have stuck to for years now.

Recently though I have been introduced to a brand that I didn’t instantly recognise but I’m sure is going to sky-rocket in the perfume and social media world. I’ve travelled to London so many times on city breaks and it really is one of my favourite places to visit, I love all the history and tradition there and when I came across the Clive Christian Perfumery in Mayfair it personified British history and elegance.

They source only the finest quality ingredients such as magnolia, immortelle, bergamot and papyrus from around the world to create truly heavenly blends. The amazing perfume bottles feature the golden crown of Queen Victoria which was licensed to the Crown Perfumery in 1872 by the Queen herself and has remained an iconic brand symbol ever since.

New and exclusive for 2017  is the launch of Noble VIII  it captures luxury and elegance and is inspired  by one of the most recognisable periods in history. I can’t wait to sample this exquisite fragrance and I believe  the Clive Christian Collection is the best perfume discovery you will ever make.

Explore the collections at clivechristian.com

Let me know your favourite or your signature scent story I’d love to hear from you,

Much Love

Caroline xx