London Weekend Trip.

Theres nothing I like better at this time of year than to get away for a few days. For most of us its been months since our summer holidays and the Christmas break is still weeks away so November is the perfect time to unwind and relax a little.

When staying in the UK I’m pretty much a creature of habit, my favorite places to visit are usually the Lake District, Wales, York or London city.

Only two and a half hours train ride away we can be in central London by mid morning and even though I’ve been many times before there is still so much I’ve never discovered.



This time I chose a small boutique hotel through the Superbreak website, I’ve used them before and find it really easy to book online also because all the train fares are included with the hotel booking its less expensive. The hotel is about a half hour walk from Euston station (although we did stop off to get a coffee haha) and as you usually can’t check in till after lunch you can leave bags etc at the hotel whilst you go out for the day.

Located close to Hyde Park in Kensington the hotel is in one of the beautiful typically London buildings, the gorgeous streets with rows of white town houses are very Insta picture perfect.


Hyde Park in the Autumn is absolutely breathtaking, we took a long walk past Kensington palace through the grounds of the park, all the coloured leaves on the ground falling from the trees made it very picturesque. The weather although cold was very sunny with bright blue skies, so it was a good chance to wrap up and wear my new winter wool coat from ASOS.




The last time I visited London I missed the chance to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, it’s a place I have always wanted to go to and walked past several times but it always looked too busy with tourists, so on this visit I decided to head there first. I really could spend all day lost in the museum its enormous! It’s a very grand historical building that would probably take many days to see all it has to offer but the main things I particularly wanted to see were the cast of the Statue of David by Michelangelo and the Constable and Turner artwork.

By the time we had come out of the museum it was beginning to get dark and right next door to the V&A is the National History Museum’s ice rink and Christmas tree that looked so festive and pretty with its fairy lights.


The next few days in London were spent walking around the parks and of course a trip to Harrods if only to get inside to warm up and also to daydream over the luxuries on offer there. Harrods these days must be used to bloggers and vloggers snapping pictures everywhere and when the guys at Burberry saw my camera they said I could step into their amazing window display to take some shots I was amazed!!


We headed back to the hotel and the sun had set, we got to Hyde Park and the gates were closed so we had to walk all the way around, what we thought was a short cut was actually Kensington Palace Gardens, I was wondering why there were signs saying no photos everywhere? The houses or mansions on this street are unbelievably grand and after a little research we found out it’s the most expensive street to live on in the whole world!!! Maybe one day I thought…..


Whether you visit London to see the sights, go to the theatre or shop till you drop it really is a great city and I cant wait to visit again soon.

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Much Love

Caroline xx