Stylish Wardrobe Basics.

In my younger years as someone obsessed with fashion I would always crave for the latest trend, I’d trawl the shops on a Saturday afternoon and make impulse purchases just to be fashionable. Sometimes I’d see a look in a magazine or even on a stranger in the street and I would want it whether it suited me or not.

After many fashion mistakes and lots of bin bag trips to the charity shop I’ve now learned to make more thought out purchases.

Mindset No.1

I always have a list in a notebook or on my phone of items I think my wardrobe lacks, these can be seasonal pieces, trends or basics, having this controls the hours wandering around the stores not really knowing what I want.

Mindset No.2

Take options into the changing rooms, try on different variations of the item to see which suits my shape the best, (what looks great on a petite girl can look all wrong on a girl with curves) proportions and having clothes fall right can make all the difference, for example I have a long body and find with many dresses the waist point is too high or sometimes blazers are nipped in at the wrong place.

Finally Mindset No.3

That I have to absolutely love it and feel amazing in it straight away, if you have to debate with your mind then it will most likely be a one wear outfit or hang in the wardrobe with its tags on never to see daylight.



Jeans Topshop

Stripe T-Shirt Newlook

Blazer Missguided


Basic t-shirts are a must, opt for a good quality fabric and comfortable shape.


A few pretty camisole tops can take a daytime outfit into an evening look.


Blazer Newlook

Camisole Missguided

Shoes (similar) Topshop


A soft black turtleneck jumper is a must have for Autumn/Winter styling, pair with jeans for a casual look or an A-line skirt and black tights for a more chic Parisian look.


Classic fit Winter coats complete this seasons wardrobe essentials, choose a neutral colour that can be worn over most outfits.


Coat Topshop

Trousers Stradivarius

Scarf H&M

Shoes asos


Many Thanks

Caroline xx