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August favorites.

As the Summer ends and we move into Autumn I’ve been picking up a few new items recently . I’ve definitely noticed a pattern in my shopping habits, I can go for months without buying anything new and instead of constantly buying things I tend to splurge when the season changes. From fashion trends to skin care and beauty I…

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A Touch of Luxury.

Every woman loves a touch of luxury in her life and to some luxury is all about designer handbags and sparkling diamonds. I believe even if you don’t have a great deal of spare income you can still spend what you do have on better quality items, this can be anything from crisp Egyptian cotton bed sheets to a high-end…

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April Favorites.

Hello everyone! for a while now I’ve been thinking about writing a monthly favorites post and April has definitely been an interesting month for me. I’ve done quite a bit of springtime shopping lately with no plan in mind just picking up things I liked and also trying out a few different beauty products. At the start of the month I…

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Perfect Nails

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always looked after my nails, my mum bought me a manicure set when I was young as my nails have always been quite strong and grown quickly. In this weeks blog I’m going to tell you a bit about how I like to use gel polishes and mention one of my favourite brands, Semilac. I’ve gone through…

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Quick Review: Elemis.

1. Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil. As you can tell from this picture and my empty bottle I absolutely love this cleansing oil! I massage a few drops into my face and it just seems to melt and breakdown my make up so quickly. After a few minutes you can either use a hot cloth or rinse with warm water…

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What I got for Christmas 2016.

After a tough year I honestly couldn’t wait to get 2016 out-of-the-way and start a brand new year, this Christmas my family and friends have utterly spoiled me and I received lots of amazing presents to start the New year with. In the last few months of the year I try to use up all my perfumes and creams in…

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A Tranquil Escape at Bali Health Lounge.

These days our lives are so busy and hectic we forget all about our own wellbeing, the stresses and strains of work, home making and family life can make us run down and sluggish. Set right in the heart of the city I’ve discovered a tranquil oasis of calm. The Bali Health Lounge in Manchester is an award-winning day spa…

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My Beauty Wish List & Make-Up Bag Essentials.

Every woman has her favorite go to products and even though in the UK we spend millions on beauty, skin care and make up we still rummage among the lotions and potions and depths of our make up bags to find our usual routine item. Just like everyone else I love to try new brands and products now and again…

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Skin Care Journey ‘Acne To Anti-Aging’

Everyone strives to have perfect skin, we are constantly bombarded with brands launching new must have products claiming to do this or that and don’t get me wrong there are great lotions and potions out there that really do work but its a just matter of tailoring what works for your own specific skin type. This year I celebrated turning…

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