My top 3 Face Oils.

My skin care journey over the years has been a frustrating experience, I love beauty products and have to admit I’m a sucker for “game changer” products. If it promises me amazing results, I’ll buy it. My teens were spent scrubbing away with abrasive products then using medical grade spot blasting astringents to combat the oil slick that was my T zone. In my twenties I spent hours baking in the sun and (much to my horror now) using sun beds, and in my thirties I had to deal with the adult acne and pigmentation. Now I’m in my forties and I’m facing the hormonal skin roller coaster. Will I ever have calm normal skin??? Some days I can get a big spot, other days I’m greasy, and then dry and wrinkly looking??

Trying to find a balance has been such a trial, for me its an everlasting learning process. I know now I can’t use anti aging products with glycollic acid in as my skin becomes really sensitive and irritated and gets tiny bumps underneath, also any kind of scrubs break me out in spots. So what works for me? I’ve learned that a gentle and simple routine generally works the best, a cleanser to remove my make up, rinsed off with luke warm water then used again to double cleanse, no need to introduce a different cleanser/wash/ingredient, followed with a sweep of a very mild toner to make sure my face is squeaky clean.

I’m still trialling eye creams at the moment and this week I’m just using a simple boots cucumber gel that I keep in the fridge because my eyes have been quite puffy due to seasonal allergies and sinus troubles. For my morning routine I apply my trusty No 7 Protect and Perfect serum and at night-time I’ve been experimenting with face oils.

The ones shown here are my top 3 that have agreed with my combination skin. I must admit I was a little dubious at first about using oil on my face as I can get quite a greasy T zone during the day under my make up, but the newer face oils seem to soak into my skin beautifully during the night and plump and hydrate it without the slick.

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss capsules certainly agree with my face, filled with all naturally derived ingredients these little capsules come in a night and daytime form. I particularly like the pink daytime ones the best and often also use them at night. They just seem to have a very calming effect on my skin and smell very beautifully rose like.

The iconic Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is actually more of a rich serum than an oil but definately delivers that extra nurishing boost my skin needs at night-time. This cult beauty must have has all the anti ageing benefits and really brightens my complexion without clogging up my pores.

Probably my favourite of all three is this Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, I was introduced to this beautiful oil during a facial I was having at my local beauty salon. The therapist recommended it for me and I’m so glad she did as I use it most nights. A little goes a long way and just a few droplets on to palms then warmed and massaged into my face and neck followed by a pressing motion really helps deliver the 100% pure plant ingredients into my skin. After using this I have noticed that any blemishes or scars seem to heal and improve almost over night.

So if you want to enhance your skin or just feel like it needs a bit of a boost especially at this time of year when we all have central heating on and the chilly air can irritate sensitive skin like mine, try adding a facial oil into your night-time skin care routine. Id love to hear if any of you have any recommendations or had great results from oils so leave me a comment or message on my Instagram or twitter.

Thank you for reading,

Much Love Caroline xx